Meredith’s Endless Support For Zola Has Grey’s Anatomy Fans Emotional After Season 19, Episode 5

Even though Season 19 of “Grey’s Anatomy” has only had five episodes, viewers have already seen a lot of fresh people and dramatic scenes in the corridors and rooms of Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital. Even though it had been known for some time that Ellen Pompeo would be reducing the number of times she played Meredith Grey, it was unclear what would happen to the character and her adoptive daughter Zola (Aniela Gumbs). But a lot of that suspense was dispelled in Episode 5, “When I Get to the Border,” when Meredith revealed that she and Zola would be going to Boston so that Meredith could enroll Zola in the Brookline Steam Academy, a place that would be ideal for the talented young child. Given that Dr. Grey has devoted her life to serving others, it is understandable that she would prioritize her daughter’s career over her own. Viewers of “Grey’s Anatomy” were moved by her kindness, and many of them expressed it on Twitter.

Meredith's Endless Support For Zola Has Grey's Anatomy Fans Emotional After Season 19, Episode 5
Grey’s Anatomy

@thevivrantthing posted on Twitter, “After all these years, Zola and Meredith scenes still warm my heart. The way Meredith gives her the encouragement and reassurance she never received from Ellis? Magic.” Similar comparisons were made between Meredith’s mother and Zola’s mother by @swiftsfolklore, who noted that Meredith “[was] telling Zola what her mother never told her.” One interaction, in particular, seemed to move the audience a lot. Posted by @MAYABISHOP, “meredith telling zola she is, has always been and will always be extraordinary I NEED A MOMENT” — This was also expressed by @fruitymerchloe, who wrote, “meredith reassuring zola she’s always been extraordinary, not like ellis told her over and over how ordinary she was i’m not ok.”

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This new chapter of Zola’s character evolution not only moved viewers and offered some internal context for Pompeo’s future decreased involvement, but it also put Zola front and center as a driver of the show’s direction as showrunners consider what to do without the long-time anchor’s substantial contribution. However, Meredith’s future looks bright as well because she is joining her old buddy in a cause that is close to her own heart, and her work there will undoubtedly result in more heartwarming moments.

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