Astros’ Lance McCullers Jr accused of tipping pitches during World Series beat down

Tuesday night, the Philadelphia Phillies jumped all over Game 3 starter Lance McCullers Jr. for the Houston Astros, hammering him for seven earned runs and five home runs.

Astros' Lance McCullers Jr accused of tipping pitches during World Series beat down

On his social media platforms, Steve Johnson, who goes by Leg Kick Nation, said that the issue with McCullers was that his leg kick was tipping pitches for Phillies batters. The home run parade included Bryce Harper, Kyle Schwarber, Rhys Hopkins, Brandon Marsh, and Alec Bohm.

Bohm smacked a home run shortly after Harper was seen advising him in the on-deck circle at one point.

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McCullers allowed five home runs in a single World Series game, becoming the first pitcher in MLB history to do so, but he denied pitch-tipping.

“This has nothing to do with tipping,” he said in the postgame press conference,” Listen, I am who I am. I’m going to throw a lot of off-speed. Everyone knows that.”

The home runs were hit off a knuckle curve, sinker, slider, or changeup, according to MLB Gameday. No fastballs were thrown by him during any of the sequences that resulted in home runs.

Astros pitcher coach Joshua Miller added, “We didn’t identify anything specific today. It’s something that we always monitor and look into.”

The Phillies seized a 2-1 series lead after winning the game 7-0. If the Astros advance to a Game 7, McCullers would start.

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