Arsenal’s Pablo Marí avoided life-threatening injuries in stabbing attack due to physical shape

Pablo Mar, a defender for A.C. Monza, was stabbed in a shopping center near Milan on Thursday, but thanks to his excellent physical shape, he was spared potentially fatal wounds, according to the surgeon who performed his operation on Friday.

Mar, an Arsenal loanee, was one among five persons who were wounded on Thursday after a 46-year-old man allegedly snatched a knife from a grocery store shelf before attacking bystanders.

One person, believed to have been a supermarket employee, was killed as a result of the attack. 

Arsenal's Pablo Marí avoided life-threatening injuries in stabbing attack due to physical shape

“The procedure was rather straightforward. Fortunately, just two muscles were harmed, according to Osvaldo Chiara, head of the general surgery and trauma department at the Niguarda hospital in Milan.

The length of the knife that was utilized couldn’t have reached his lung because of Mari’s muscular build.

Marí posted an update on social media Friday saying that he and his family, who were with him at the time of the attack, are “fine.” 

“After the hard moment we experienced yesterday, both my family and I want to communicate that fortunately we are all fine despite the circumstances, and we want to thank all the messages of support and affection that we are receiving,” the post on Twitter read. “In addition, we want to send our condolences and all our strength to the family and friends of the deceased person, and we sincerely wish that all injured people recover as soon as possible.” 

The Serie a club Monza said on Friday that Mar is anticipated to stay in the hospital for an additional two to three days and will probably be out for two months as he heals.

“All of AC Monza shares deeply in the family’s pain for the loss of Luis Fernando Ruggieri, victim of the madness that took place last night in Assago,” the club said in a tweet. “Thoughts also go in these hours to the other people injured and their families.”

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