Adele Says We’ve Been Pronouncing Her Name Wrong This Whole Time

Wow, how embarrassing for us this is, Adele just revealed that we have been mispronouncing her name.

Adele Says We've Been Pronouncing Her Name Wrong This Whole Time

Unlike say, Tove Lo, Adele is a pretty common name in the English-speaking world, so you might be thinking, how far off could we have been? The answer: Very. Very far off.

The singer answered questions from the audience at a happy hour with fans last week to celebrate the recently released music video for “I Drink Wine.” One video entry from a Londoner named Annie asked a question about her composing process.

Adele, however, was more drawn to Annie’s accent. She yelled, “Is she from Enfield?” “She said my name perfectly!” The singer, who is also from London, went on to explain the tiny distinction between correct and incorrect pronunciation, which appears to largely depend on the British accent.

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It’s not “uh-dell,” as I’ve been saying for years, but “huh-dale,” which sounds very wrong from my American mouth until I put a bit of a sing-songy London twang on it.

Huhdale discussed potential job choices, how tequila makes her “aggressive,” and how she would have liked to earn a degree in English literature during the happy hour, which was hosted by comic Benito Skinner. She was, in other words, as relatable as ever.

In conclusion, it is undesirable to pronounce her name like a Valley girl. I love how she pronounces her name like an Annie from London.

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