A federal judge in Seattle yesterday issued a temporary suspension of the industrial application of the entire territory of the United States executive orders of US President Donald Trump for temporary ban on entering US citizen Seven countries with a Muslim majority. This is perhaps the single strongest attack on controversial Trump’s decision, and it is interesting that the judge appointed by former Republican President George W. Bush.

Reuters notes that the judgment of Seattle includes the widest range compared to Tramp’s decree signed last week. The agency reported that the US Department of Justice announced that it will not seek immediate stopping of the judgment  in Seattle, while the White House announced that the ministry will do so “as soon as possible”.

AP notes that the White House promised to fight against this judgment, adding that Trump’s  press secretary Sean Spicer called the decree on the temporary ban on entering US citizen seven countries with a Muslim majority as “lawful and appropriate”.
“The  goal of the presidential regulation is to protect the homeland, and under the Constitution

he has the authority and responsibility  to protect the American people,” said Spicer.

Trump: Great Tribulation The decision provoked the rage of the new President of the United States who announced on Twitter a few times since this morning. Trump, among other things, wrote that the decision of “so-called judges is  funny” and that it will be overturned.

When a country is no longer able to decide who can and who can not enter, especially when it comes to safety and security – big trouble! – Wrote Trump, and then in the following tweets said that “some Muslim countries agreed with theprohibition because they know that if you let some people inside , that means

death and destruction.”

The US airlines  can begin to receive travelers again.

After the verdict of the federal judge in Seattle, Reuters reported that the US federal agency for Customs and Border Protection informed the US airlines they can begin again to receive travelers whose enter  was banned with Trump’s decree.

The airlines can sontinue to operate as they did it before the decree which temporarily stopped entering the refugees in the United States  and nationals of seven countries with a Muslim majority.

Etihad Airways has announced that it will begin to receive the aircraft passengers from seven countries which were banned last week from traveling to the United States.

Sick baby from Iran allowed  into the US

The sick girl from Iran needed to be subjected to emergency cardiac surgery in United States,but under the regulation of the president Donald Trump her entry was denied.But
under urgent procedure it will be allowed to enter the country said the governor of New York Andrew Cuomo.

The family had scheduled a meeting in Dubai to obtain a tourist visa to enter the United States, but they   canceled  it ,after Trump signed an order prohibiting the entry of migrants in the United States. Doctors in Iran found that the girl urgently needs surgery for congenital heart defects, said her uncle Samad Tagizadeh, who lives in Portland.

The family decided that the operation of their daughter instead of in New York, will be in   Portland, because of the expertise of pediatric hospitals and to be close to relatives.

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