Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair is not giving up the international political career despite being one of the main culprits for the launch of the war in Iraq.
According to the British tabloid “Daily Mail”Blair had several secret meetings with members of the administration of US President Donald Trump, which is assumed to have a plan for it to become part of his team.
He spoke at least three times since September secretly with Trump’s son In law and adviser Jared Kouchner, and the last time they met last Wednesday.

Kouchner is Trump’s senior advisor for trade and Middle Eastern issues but  British newspaper suggested that Blair seeks engagement as Trump’s adviser or envoy for the Middle East.

If president Trump give this job to Blair ,it will be incredible international  return of the man (for his role in Iraq war) many consider him as a war criminal and called him “the gravedigger of the Midlle East”
From the report on the participation of Great Britain in the war in Iraq, which was published last year, it is obvious that the war was not the only nor the best solution, but evidence that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction, as Blair stood out as the cause of the invasion, were not Found.
After the withdrawal of the prime minister’s position in 2007, Blair became the EU envoy to the Middle East,but his positin has been always controversial.Critics reminded that in Midlle East has been no progress,and three former British ambassador supported the campaigne Blair to be replaced,accusing him that he disposed of the responsibility for the crisis in Iraq.

Last year he was forced to recall from the position because of the conflict of interests caused by his private business.
Now it seems that once again he wants to take an important role in the creation of the fate of the tormented Middle East.
If this happens, it will be a blow to British Prime Minister Theresa May, who hoped to form a “special relationship” with Trump. Blair’s  “courtship” to Trump’s family opens the speculation  about his close relationship with Wendy Deng, former wife of Rupert Murdoch, who is also a close friend of Ivanka Trump.
Blair and Wang were present at the meeting in Aspen in September where Blair first met Kouchner to discuss political issues.

A few days after Trump winning the election in November, Blair and Kouchner met again.

It is interesting that Blair three months ago, said he would fight the wave of “new populism” that is spreading around the world, but insisted  he had no intention to return to politics.

He also said that he opposes Brexit, while Trump supported Britain out of the EU.

Although the victory of Trump on the elections,Blair called “an earthquake”, he diplomatically avoided to say whether it supports or opposes his policies.

Because he is not a US citizen he can not get an official funtion at the White House ,but Trump could give him an advisory role-says the British newspaper.

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