• More than 50 phone numbers and e-mails for journalists under surveillance since 1999.
  • Several numbers od British Broadcasting Corporation.
  • A number of New york Times and Reuters in Afghanistan was on the list.
  • Three year investigation resulted in Angela Merkel.

A German weekly news magazine,Der Spiegel has reported in Friday that the Germany’s foreign intelligence service BND spied on journalists of the New York Times,BBC,and Reuters for a long time.According to Der Spiegel it was a planning legal action,but Media Rights group Reporters Without Borders labelled this surveillance as monstrous attack on press freedom ,It is still unknown who were the BND spying exactly.the three year investigation resulted in german Chancellor Angela Merkel giving evidence.

The US  fugitive intelligence contractor Edward Snowden has extensively worked for this magazine.

Der Spiegel informed that the BND had listed surely 50 telephone ,fax numbers and e-mail adresses of journalists.They were under surveillance since 1999.Also included a dozen numers of the British Broadcasting Corporation at it’s London headquarters and in Afghanistan  .On this list was a number of the New York Times in Afghanistan ,as well as mobile and satellite phone numbers of Reuters new agency in Afghanistan ,Nigeria and Pakistan.

The BND refused to comment,Der Spiegel informed in an early extract of an article to be published in full in it’s weekly edition.

A BBC spokeswoman said that they were very disapointed from hearing these demands and that their journalists should be able to work freely and safely with full protection for their sources.Their mission is to develop precise news and facts to people of all around the world.”We want all the governments to respect the operation of a free press .

Meantime, the German Chancellor Angela Merkel confessed that she did not know how close Germany’s spies collaborated with their US counterparts until 2015,after a claimer over reportes od United States bugging of her mobile phone.Merkel who is running for a fourth term in September ,said to the parliamentary committee that she assumed Germany’s BND foreign intelligence agency would not help the US National Security Agency to spy on European companies ,as well as politicians .

In 2013 German media pointed that the NSA had bugged Merkel’s cellphone ,which tensed relations with Washington .Opposition lawmakers want to know if Merkel knew that the BND was helping the NSA spy on european leaguers,when she declared those words.She told the committee that she had assumed that BND would not do such a thing.In 2014 the German parliament set up the investigation.

In Germany ,surveillance is a sensitive issue,where East Germany’s stasi secret police and the Nazi era Gestapo kept a close watch of the population.Last year Germany’s highest court has rejected a propose by opposition politicians to make the government disclose to the investigating committee the surveillance targets it worked on with the NSA.

In October the German lawmakers approved a law to strengthen supervision of the BND but critics said the new rules do exactly the opposite.

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