Russian President Vladimir Putin held talks today in Moscow with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, and the focus of the discussion was, as expected, the situation in Syria, and Israel’s concern about the presence of Iranian forces and their allies in the country.
Welcoming Netanyahu at the start of the talks, Putin stressed the high level of trust between] the two of them.
Netanyahu praised the role of Russia in the fight against the terrorist organization Islamic State and other radical extremists in Syria. He also warned of the danger posed by radical Shiite organization, which is an obvious allusion to the Lebanese Hezbollah, against whom Israel fought more than a month in the year 2006.One of the things against which we fight together is radical Islamic terrorism. Of course, over the past year, there has been significant progress in the fight against radical Sunni Islamic terrorism led Daesa and Al Qaeda – Netanyahu said, using the Arabic acronym for the Islamic State.

He said that “Russia made a very important contribution.””Naturally, we do not want that terrorism be replaced by a radical Shiite Islamist terrorism led by Iran …; Radical Shiite Islam threatens us nothing less than the region and peace in the world and I know that we are partners in order to prevent any kind of victory of radical Islam any variety, “said Netanyahu

Israeli newspapers reported that Putin wished Netanyahu a happy Jewish holiday Purim celebration of the victory of the Jews over the ancient Persians who wanted to destroy them
– Today there is an attempt to continue Persia and  Iran, to destroy the Jewish state. They say this in the clearest possible way, they engraved, in its ballistic missiles – said the Israeli prime minister.

Netanyahu on Wednesday said that Iran is the main threat faced by Israel and that because of these threats appear common interests between] in Israel and many countries in the region that could contribute to the progress of the peace process with the Palestinians.

Russia has sided with Iran and Hezbollah to help them in support of Syrian President Bashar Assad, but at the same time maintain good relations with Israel. The two countries cooperate], including in order to prevent every possible incident between in its military force in Syria.

Netnjahu’s visit to Moscow was preceded by a meeting with the President of the United States, Donald Trump at the White House in February. On the eve of talks with Putin, Netanyahu announced that he would emphasize Israel’s opposition to the military presence of Iran in Syria on the basis of any possible agreement to end the conflict raging in the neighboring country.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov dismissed a meeting between Putin and Netanyahu newspaper report that Moscow allegedly allowed Israel to attack Lebanon’s Hezbollah of Syrian airspace. “I can not comment on that information. It has nothing to do with reality,” said Peskov, as quoted by TASS.Israel considers the Shiite Hezbollah, which enjoys support from Iran and Syria, who are in fight with the forces of Syrian President, one of his greatest enemies. The Israeli army in the summer of 2006 was more than a month war with Hezbollah guerrillas. The Israeli air force during the conflict raging in neighboring Syria attacked convoys of weapons destined for Hezbollah.

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