US President Donald Trump entered into a new war with his predecessor, Barack Obama and the Federal Bureau of Investigation.
He asked Congress to investigate whether Obama and his administration misused its power and tapped Donald Trump during his presidential campaign.Trump claims that he is a ‘victim of dirty tricks’ and that Obama tapped his phones in ‘Trump Tower’ which served as the headquarters of his presidential campaign.

Apparently he compared Obama’s work with  the affair “Watergate” and he  called Obama”poor or sick boy.”
He announced on Saturday a series of tweets charges of eavesdropping.The White House yesterday announced that the US congress should expand the investigation of Russion interference in the election of 2016,because of the unsubstantiated allegations of president Trump that former president Obama crossed legally permissible linein the campaigne.

James Comey, Director of the FBI has asked the Ministry of Justice to publicly reject Trump’s allegations-says unnamed officials to New York Times.Comey said that these are fake insinuations and FBI violated the law and said that for them there is absolutely  no evidence-says the source of New York Times magazine.

Trump did not offer any evidence, but it is assumed that his claims were  based on media reports. According to them, the FBI has received an order of “secret court” to oversee “Trump Tower”Neither the Ministry of Justice nor  James Comey  did not issued yet an official statement about Trump claims.

His accusations were  denied by Barack Obama and his former chief of National Intelligence James Clapper. Absolutely not, I can deny that – said Klepper who left his job when  Tramp took office on January 20.

Obama’s spokesman said that Trump’s accusation is simply false.

Lawmakers from both parties urged Trump to provide proof of his astounding claims, but the White House said that they would not comment further until congressional committees do not “carry out such control.”

But Trump is not giving up.He said to one of his co-workers that he is convinced they will proove right.

NewsMax Media CEO and Trump’s friend and collaborator-Christopher Ruddy says that he has spoken with Donald Trump about these charges.I never saw him so angry. When I mentioned Obama’s denial about phone trapping,he angrily replied:It will be investigated,the truth will come out.And It will be prooved that I am right-says Ruddy.

Press Secretary of the White House Sean Spicer announced request for an investigation of the Congress in a statement which refers to the “very worrying” reports “concerning the potentially politically motivated investigation immediately before the elections in 2016”. President Trump requires it to be part of the investigation on Russian activities – he said.

Democrats angrily replied Trump to his request, while the  Republicans said to him to let the Congress and the Senate  do their job.

Intelligence Committee of the Congress, however, agreed with the committee to conduct an “investigation ,if the government took an oversee activities of any official campaign from  the political parties”.

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