The report says that Tony Blair during a speech to the parliament said that there are “compelling evidence that Saddam Hussein has chemical weapons as well as weapons that has nuclear capacity.” Blair also said that Iraq can hide weapons from UN inspectors.
These allegations were completely unfounded. Joint Intelligence Committee had to seek more evidence from Blair.Iraq, which was then under sanctions, did not have the ability to develop weapons-said Chilcot in report.

Families of dead British soldiers: Tony Blair is a terrorist!

Weeping family members of killed soldiers organized a joint press conference. There is one terrorist in the world that everyone should be careful. That man is Tony Blair-said a sister of one of the British soldiers who was killed in Iraq.

Families of the  killed soldiers have stated that they will launch a lawsuit against Tony Blair.

Father of  Jamie Hancock (19), a soldier who was killed in Iraq, said that “John Chilcotfulfilled the  expectations”.

This is not any stain removal from Blair’s name, and thanks Chilcot on it. Blair’s cheak can never be clean. Blair fabricated evidence, misled the legislature … I urge all politicians in the country to ban Blair frfom any public appearance – for life. It’s the least I can do after irreversible damage that this man had made- said Eddie Hancock.

The reaction of the Russian Embassy: We told you!

Blair’s proposal to Bush

Tony Blair in December 2001, proposed to Bush a  ‘smart strategy on Iraq”, and promised him that he will “be with him, and the United States no matter what happens.”

The invasion of Iraq began after the amateur investigation and assessment.

Saddam Hussein was not a direct threat
Military action in Iraq might have become necessary, and the only solution, at some point,but in March 2003 there was no direct threat from Saddam Hussein.

“Tony Blair lied, millions have died!”  was the main slogan of a large number of demonstrators cried out in front of Westminster.

John Čilkot began addressing –

Military action in Iraq was a premature move, and was carried out before they have exhausted the possibilities for a peaceful solution to the conflict. The existence of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq is never justified nor proven.

The military action was not the last and inevitable option – said Chilcot.

In his speech before he started  reading the report, Lord Chilcot  pointed out

“We sincerely hope that in future some potential military actions will be

carried out only after a more detailed and careful analysis.

I hope that the families of those killed 179 British people get the answers they need – said Chilcot.

Blair and Bush – the main culprits for the war?

Tony Blair and George W. Bush are the main culprits for the bloody war in the eyes of the Iraqis people and families of the killed soldiers.-says human rights organization.

“We want the truth,””bloody killer, go to jail”, (Bliar)”, are some of the inscriptions on the flags of demonstrators wearing.

Tony Blair has refused to comment on this report before it goes public.

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