Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair, who was officially declared for one of the biggest culprits for the start of the Iraq war, still stubbornly defends his  views, instead of apologizing for his  mistakes that have resulted in hundreds of thousands of lives lost.

The world would be in a  worse position  if we had not made the decision to invade Iraq – without a shred of remorse said Tony Blair at a press conference yesterday.

As he said, despite the catastrophic consequences, removing Saddam Hussein, significantly influenced the region, reports the BBC.

Although there were some mistakes, I claim  that the coalition with the United States was right – said Blair, and even added that he “did not make any hasty decision to enter the war.”

On the other hand, yesterday’s report by Lord John Chilcote confirmed that Tony Blair is based on “unsubstantiated evidence, which  they turned out to be incorrect, persuaded the British parliament to vote on beginning the invasion of Iraq”.

I could regret the error and I  can  repent because of many things, but in general I believe that we would be in much worse position if we had not invaded Iraq.If Hussein remained in power he would have gone back to his own program of making weapons of mass destruction.And if he stayed till Arabs spring 2011 ,he would have tried to keep in power the same way  the Syrian president Bashar-al Asad had done -said Blair.
Iraq War: A brief reminder

US-led invasion of Iraq in March 2003, they’ve lost 4,487 soldiers. The figures of Iraqi deaths range from 130,000 to 600,000 people. The war lasted six weeks, and resulted in the overthrow of Iraqi President Saddam Hussein, his removal to the United States and the execution in US prisons. There is a precedent in modern world history – that a country overthrow the President of another country, brought him to prison and to death.

Hussein was charged with possession of weapons of mass destruction, as well as chemical weapons that were allegedly used against civilians. After his overthrow, no weapons were found in Iraq. Since then, Iraq has become a country ruled by anarchy and religious conflicts, as well as one of the largest sanctuaries of terrorists from Islamic countries.

Speaking on BBC Radio 4’s Today programme, Mr Blair insisted that although mistakes had been made, the decision to join the US-led invasion had been the right one.And he hit back at claims he had secretly committed the UK to help US President George W Bush topple Saddam Hussein and then overstated the threat posed by Saddam Hussein’s alleged weapons of mass destruction to sell the war to the public and MPs.

Saddam Hussein had used these weapons against his own people.”The former prime minister said he understood “all the criticisms” of the invasion, but said: “When I look at it today I think still that we moved with where the grain of the future is going to be in these countries and this region.”

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