Today is the day for  the families of victims in Iraq waiting for nearly 13 years, and the day for which Tony Blair feels at  least – uncomfortable. Lord John Chilcot presented a report of the investigation, which lasted seven years, with the goal of establishing responsibility for war and war crimes in Iraq. According to the report, the United Kingdom did not have to go to war in Iraq, the evidence for which the invasion was launched were solid and proven.

Seven years of investigations, 2.6 million words in the report, 12 counts of war that killed hundreds of thousands of Iraqis, 179 British soldiers and several hundred officers in the army of that country.

The main points of the report on the war in Iraq:

  • For the first time since World War II, the United Kingdom carried out the invasion of a sovereign state .
  • United Kingdom started the military action which at that moment was not the only and necessary solution.
  • The assessment that Iraq has weapons of mass destruction did not have adequate cover
  • .Despite clear warnings, the consequences of the invasion were ignored .
  • The UK government has failed to achieve the goals .

Tony Blair: I have had good intentions.

This report should eliminate accusations of fraud, the final intentions and lies.

Whatever you think of me I had good intentions when I started the campaign against Saddam Hussein. I believed that it was  the best interest for our country – to justify Blair.

The former prime minister added that “all of the questions will be  answered  in details this afternoon.”

I will take Full responsibility for any possible errors committed, without exception or excuse – said Blair.

Is the action itself was legal, it is a matter for the international courts. However, the circumstances in which the attack on Iraq carried out, were far from satisfactory – said Lord Chilcot in the  report.

He added that London was executing all decisions taken by the coalition led by the US, but he has not had  a major impact on decision-making.

The state prosecutor also responsible .

The former state prosecutor of Great Britain Lord Goldsmith told Blair that  the invasion of Iraq requires a permit from the UN,and that would give legal basis for launching military action.

However, only two months later, Goldsmith changed the board and said to Blair :We don’t need  a blessing from UN” and there is a legal basis without the Security Council resolutions.

The first reaction of Tony Blair

In response to the report by John Chilcot, Tony Blair said he “does not believe that the overthrow of Saddam Hussein’s cause of terrorism, which today destroys the Middle East”.
Tony Blair is far from Bush’s passenger. He  was his co-pilot in the attack on Iraq. Both were responsible for the catastrophic destabilization of Iraq, which has resulted in the emergence of the Islamic state.

Tim Faron, leader of Britain’s Liberal Democratic Party.

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